Progressive Democrats are committed to improving the lives of all who live in our state and country. We believe that everyone is entitled to:

  • Racial, social, and economic justice
  • Quality, affordable health care and social support services
  • Opportunities for quality education and meaningful employment paying a living wage
  • A healthy environment at home and at work
  • A voice in decisions that impact their communities and lives

Progressive Democrats do this by:

  • Fighting for democracy and government that serves the needs of people
  • Engaging with people where they are
  • Sharing information and perspectives on issues and policy alternatives
  • Recruiting and supporting candidates who embrace Progressive values and policies
  • Fighting voter suppression, gerrymandering, and the dominance of money in politics

Progressive Caucus 2021 Goals

Starting from breakout sessions at our 2020 Annual Meeting, we’ve formulated 2021 goals

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