Marching in the 2019 HKonJ march in Raleigh.

Progressive Democrats are fighting for economic, environmental, racial, and social justice. We believe that everyone deserves food and shelter; health care; meaningful work that pays a living wage; a clean environment; equal protection under the law; and, having their vote count.

We are a caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party, promoting the progressive agenda within and through the Party.

Progressive Caucus Platform

Platform: “a declaration of the principles on which a group of persons stands”

Neighbors on Call and FlipNC event featuring speakers from the Wisconsin Democratic Party on how they’re transforming it to a more grassroots organization.

Candidates We Endorse

Congratulations to our endorsed candidates Terri Wells, Richard George, and Julie Mayfield for their election victories!

Recent Blog Posts

How Can We Win More?

Many of us want to figure out what we can do to win more. It’s great that we have a Democratic President and administration, a majority in the House, and a sorta majority in the Senate. But to pass pr…

person dropping paper on box
Election Aftermath

Fellow Progressives: I had hoped to be writing to you now about planning our work to push our newly-elected Democratic officials leftward to help people throughout our state and country. But, it is…

Fill Out Your Census Form Now!

The 2020 US Census is Wrapping Up The Secretary of Commerce says October 5th is the deadline. US District Judge Lucy Koh issued a preliminary injunction reinstating the original October 31st deadl…

Influence Voters with a Letter to the Editor

Why Write a Letter to the Editor? While there’s no doubt that social media play a huge role in wooing voters, plenty of people still read newspapers, both in print and electronically. Letters to …

Some Graphs and Comments for Labor Day

Tony Wikrent, who is Treasurer of the Progressive Democrats of Orange County, and chair of the Caucus’s Progressive Education Action Team, has published a blog post explaining with clear graphs the …

No Fossil Fuel Representatives

The Progressive Caucus has joined 144 other groups in urging Joe Biden to keep fossil fuel representatives out of his campaign and administration. Letting fossil fuel execs and lobbyists in the White …