Lee R. Nackman, President, [email protected]g.

He is a retired computer scientist and executive. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UNC Chapel Hill and has published academic papers, built software products, and co-authored a technical book. As an executive at IBM, Microsoft, and HP, he managed large (500-2000 people) global teams. He also led product development in a ten-person startup, and served as advisor and/or board member for several small companies. He is treasurer of the Orange-Durham chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, and at Kehillah Synagogue he is past co-President, past co-chair of Social Action, and past member of the Board. He also helped form Orange County Bail/Bond Justice, Inc., a non-profit that advocates for bail reform in Orange County. He blogs at

Elizabeth Crudup, 1st Vice President, [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter @AtIssue3, on Facebook at Elizabeth Crudup, and Instragram @progressivebeth.

David Nelson, 2nd Vice President & Treasurer, [email protected].

Before 2015, I voted in every election, but nothing more. Never gave a dime, made a call, nothing. I usually felt that this hard won essential right only offered me the ability to support the lesser of two lesser candidates in most races.

I began supporting a candidate that actually believed in what I did. One that recognized the system was rigged and was dedicated to unrigging it, who I agreed with nearly point by point. It turned out that I was progressive; I’d never put that together before. I liked working for this cause, even when it was just me.

I studied history in school, not political science. I thought it was best left to those trained in the art of public administration. I came to know that if you make the effort, learn, analyze, and show up, you can form cogent ideas and advance them. You show up, learn what you need to, and make your voice heard.

My aspiration is to advance the Democratic Party’s progressive platform, hard won in Philadelphia, by supporting candidates within the party at all levels. While I’m not an attorney or experienced political operative, I do believe that our cornerstone is the advancement of justice in society. And that’s enough.

Vicki Boyer, 3rd Vice President, [email protected].

Vicki Boyer, has served the Democratic Party as precinct official, Orange County party secretary, SEC member, and as both 3rd and 1st vice chair of the 4th Congressional District. She is a flower master, with Masters’ Teaching credentials from the Ohara School of Ikebana in Tokyo. She is retired from Chapel Hill Carrboro Tae Kwon Do, Inc, where she was business manager and instructor. She has also trained in Ki Aikido and Qi Gong. 

open, Secretary

Vonna Viglione, Fundraising Chair.