Influence Voters with a Letter to the Editor

Why Write a Letter to the Editor?

While there’s no doubt that social media play a huge role in wooing voters, plenty of people still read newspapers, both in print and electronically. Letters to the editor are a free way to influence voters and potential voters. There are big, regional newspapers like the Raleigh News & Observer and smaller, local papers like The Wilson Times. They’re all across North Carolina and people in the Progressive Caucus should send letters to the relevant papers where they live.

Making it Easy

The Issues Action Team has created sample letters on five topics of urgent interest to today’s voters: health care; housing; voting rights; labor; and climate change and the environment. These samples are all about 250 words long, which is a common length restriction for letters to the editor.

Use a sample letter just as it is, or you’re welcome to customize the letter however you’d like. Before you add text check the length limit for your target newspaper.

Most newspapers want letters submitted via an online form or in the body of an email. If you want to start from one of these samples, simply copy the text (CTRL-C on Windows; CMD-C on Mac) and then paste (CTRL-V on Windows; CMD-V on Mac) the text into the online form or into your email to the editor.

Need Help?

Click here for help from the Issues Action Team or to give them feedback on your experience and successes. Remember, you can influence voters on important topics with almost no effort!