NC Representatives and Senators Vote Against Reducing Defense Budget

Amendments to the 2021 Defense Authorization Act were introduced in both the House (by Mark Pocan, D. Wisconsin) and Senate (by Bernie Sanders, I., Vermont) to reallocate 10% of the Pentagon’s $740 billion budget toward underfunded human needs priorities. The Caucus Executive Committee voted unanimously to endorse the letter below.

The amendments were defeated 324-93 in the House and 77-23 in the Senate. Not a single Republican in the entire Congress supported either the House or Senate measure. Every vote in favor was by a Democrat or Independent.

In North Carolina, both of our Senators and all 13 of our Congresspersons voted nay. It is particularly disappointing that all 3 NC Democratic House Representatives voted nay. Let’s let Representatives Adams (contact), Butterfield (contact), and Price (contact) know how disappointed we are in their votes. If you’d like some ideas to include in your comments, please check out Rebecca Cerese’s letter-to-the editor submission.

Letter to Support the 10% Reduction