Not One More Murder

The Progressive Democrats of Orange County have issued a statement, copied below.

Note: Suggested actions and resources appear after the statement.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Progressive Democrats of Orange County stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who continue to be the victims of racially motivated discrimination, violence and murder. We add our voices to the millions of Americans who believe in and fight for an end to the historical and institutional racism that is a bloody stain spread across our nation. 

We add our voices to the calls for justice. We will not be silenced until systemic racism is banished and every person has the basic human rights of a free and fair society – equal justice, access to quality health care, housing and education, equal opportunities for employment and equal environmental protections. We must undo economic oppression from a system that flows profits from the hard work of the many into the hands of the few.

We mourn with the families and communities whose men, women and children have been murdered by the racist police state, died from neglect by the racist health care industry and wrongly incarcerated by the racist criminal justice system.

We will remember and speak the names of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Jonathan Ferrell, and so many more. 

This litany of death and devastation must end. White Supremacy must end. Discrimination against people of color, oppression of those living in poverty and gender-based injustice must end.

We call on all of those who care about justice to raise their voices, loudly and continuously, until our country dismantles all racist and oppressive systems, and to exercise our rights by voting out any leaders who will not immediately work to undo all forms of discrimination, including voter suppression.

We are better than this. It’s time to prove it.

On behalf of PDOC – Rebecca Cerese, Susan Siegel, Tony Wikrent, Keith Cartwright, Kathy Kaufman, Wamiq Chowdhury, Dan Brenner, Marguerite Most, Lee Nackman

Suggestions and Resources

Since most of us in this organization are white, we need to learn how best to be allies to our sisters and brothers of color. Here are some suggestions from Black leaders and a few resources. If you know of other good resources or actions, please send them to Susan and we will post them on Facebook. 


Twitter: @Ncdpprogcaucus

  • Educate ourselves about the issues of racial bias and institutional racism – challenge our own assumptions
  • Join and support organizations leading the fight
  • Support Black-owned businesses in your community and online
  • Reach out to your friends, neighbors, colleagues and community members of color
  • Advocate for legislation to end institutional racist policing and criminal justice 
  • Push for government funding to provide health, housing, education, food and environmental justice in communities of color
  • Show up to be counted, whether in person or virtually – there are peaceful protests daily in many cities and towns (and please stay safe – wear a mask and bring water)
  • There are numerous bills being introduced on these topics. Please check our Facebook page and/or Twitter frequently for action alerts.


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